Dental Technology

Composite resin materials are now used in some veneers and other restorations, to fill cavities and to bond onto or rebuild a tooth. Composite resins offer a tooth-like resolution and have grown in popularity over the years. They are continually being improved and refined to better replicate tooth colors, to be easier to apply and to hold their shape without slumping off the tooth. The handling…
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Serving as an alternative to a traditional dental drill, an air-abrasion system is primarily used to treat small cavities, preserving healthy tooth structure without the use of a local anesthetic. Air-abrasion allows for the precise removal of decay through a blast of pellets consisting of air and aluminum oxide. The air-abrasion technique can also be used to help repair old tooth restorations by accessing difficult areas…
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We are a full-service crown and bridge laboratory that excels in modern porcelain and implant restorations. We have a state-of-the-art facility for shade selection, custom characterization and contour and color modification. Our metal-free ceramic crowns can't be distinguished from natural teeth. We can handle aesthetically sensitive cases in less time with fewer visits. Our shade system covers virtually all tooth shades that occur in nature and…
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