Our Cosmetic Dentistry Options

You can have the smile you always wanted!  Modern techniques allow us to create beautiful smiles comfortably and affordably. 


You have a lot of great options:




All-Porcelain Crowns


Implant Crowns and Bridges

Implant Supported Dentures


Even better is the fact that we are the only dental office between Austin and San Antonio that has a specialized crown and bridge lab on our premises.  All of our porcelain work is done by Placid Dental Lab (Timothy Busby, CDT).  Tim has over thirty years experience and is a gifted ceramist. 

Custom shades, special cases, and precision implant crowns are done with Tim's undivided attention.  If you are interested in seeing a top-notch dental laboratory works, let us know and we'll take you across the porch into Tim's world!  You will be amazed!


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