Sedation Dentistry Options

Anxiety about dental treatment is a very real and very common thing.  Rest assured that you have many options to relieve anxiety and nervousness.


We can offer:


Calm, gentle and very effective local anesthetic techniques for pain-free treatment.


Pleasant diversion with headphones and satellite TV you can watch during treatment.


Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for relief of mild-to-moderate anxiety.  Nitrous is a very safe and effective agent.  It is short-acting, readily reversible and you can drive or return to normal activities after your appointment.


Conscious sedation of relief of moderate-to-severe anxiety.  Dr. Wuensch has taken additional training and is licensed to administer oral medications (usually Halicon) for sedation.  You are not rendered unconscious like in the hospital but you are very relaxed and worry-free. 


Some patients also report they have no memory of the appointment.  You need to have someone accompany to the office and drive you home as well.

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